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CTO Morning Coffee

We meet to talk tech, leadership and career

Those meetings started to fill the gap left by in-person meetings gone. We also missed a place to not talk about technology implementation, but a career and tech leadership.

If we missed it ... we've created it ... CTO Morning


Twitter Spaces


Every Two Weeks 

When is the next meeting

We meet every two weeks (more or less) at 8:30 CET (yeah, we know) to talk tech, career, leadership, drink coffee and 🖖. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn where we announce the new meetings .. OR ... subscribe on this page to receive a notification. 

Who are those guys? 

We're are the guys who started it and run the show. Meet your mic operators and Spaces makers.

Geek, engineer, codefella, serial reader.

Sebastian Gębski

Learner, leader and free-ride biker.

Wojciech Ptak

Founder, builder, reader, learner.

Tomasz Onyszko